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My Anti Flu Potion is Green Tea


Well I almost caught the flu bug from office. Almost everyone was having the flu and it was a relief to have given it a pass. I really do not like being down with a flu. Me a giant at 101kg brought down to the ground by a virus. My solution is green tea. It has save me on most occasion when I feel my body was under attack by a flu bug. I would whip out my green tea bags and brew cups of green potions one after another. This time I think I drank 5 cups while I was at work sneezing on and off.

Just read that Green Tea helps to reduce weight loss by 2-3 times if taken daily. I do not know how true is that but it is worth a try since I have a large supply of tea bags lying in my kitchen. I notice that some tea bags when brewed was not green in colour but light brown like normal tea. Might be old stock that I bought from the supermarket. Well I’ll just finish it up before buying more. This time I will take note of the manufacturing date. If I remember correctly the first box that I purchased was green when brewed.

Let’s have a cup now!


Back to Fats
February 9, 2011, 10:29 pm
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Well I have been busy of late and things have gone downhill in the exercise department. My weight is ahem….increasing!! what now? Well I only have myself to blame as I have not gone out of the house for a walk since a few months back. Well honestly since one year ago come March. Well it is time to plan again

Weight:101kg !!

Good Metabolism Helps
June 12, 2009, 11:42 am
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maria sharapova

Just found some interesting information on the relation between weight loss and metabolism. Seems that starving leads to less weight loss. Check out this article which has some interesting points:


The five points are

1. Build muscles to burn fats

2. Be active. Do cardio. Exercise.

3. Do not starve. Eat a good breakfast and spaced out meals to keep metabolism up

4. Drink water to burn more although gains are modest.

5. Sleep well. 8 hours.

Question for me now is: Am I starving? Or just eating less?

Green Grass
June 11, 2009, 8:06 am
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Changed the Theme of the blog. The Green Grass is to remind myself that I need to be one with nature and be healthy. Green Tea anyone ?

Might change it again as cut and pasted pictures still does not auto fit on to blog.

Update: Got the picture right. Guess I will stick to this for now.

I am a fat fat ass and I know it.
June 11, 2009, 7:00 am
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Weight 98 target 80. Dream on? Let’s see. I been surfing the web and I think there are a lot of information out there to help on this Everest task. Threr are ¬†lots of diet ideas out there but I think I will just keep it simple and choose well and eat well. If I can reduce my intake I think half the battle is won. Reduce but not starve. They always say not to starve oneself. Somthing to do with the metabolism of the body and that the body is able to survive with less food. It will just close one body section off. The dapartment of answering when you are asked a question. Ignorance is bliss?

Found this site with lots of simple information on dieting and losing weight. Will read an article a day to keep new ideas coming. http://www.weightlossarticles101.com/index.html

Found out that Subway is not that bad a fast food outlet.  http://www.weightlossarticles101.com/fast-food.html

Burger King just opened around my area and I have not stepped into it yet but the calling is strong !! Head for subway. With a wholemael 6 inch sandwich I will be safe. The article says substitute french fries with a salad. I do not think they serve salad in Burger King or Mcdonalds. Having the fries is the best part of the happy meal. Ok. No fast food for now except Subway. Eat fresh!! YEAH !!