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My Anti Flu Potion is Green Tea


Well I almost caught the flu bug from office. Almost everyone was having the flu and it was a relief to have given it a pass. I really do not like being down with a flu. Me a giant at 101kg brought down to the ground by a virus. My solution is green tea. It has save me on most occasion when I feel my body was under attack by a flu bug. I would whip out my green tea bags and brew cups of green potions one after another. This time I think I drank 5 cups while I was at work sneezing on and off.

Just read that Green Tea helps to reduce weight loss by 2-3 times if taken daily. I do not know how true is that but it is worth a try since I have a large supply of tea bags lying in my kitchen. I notice that some tea bags when brewed was not green in colour but light brown like normal tea. Might be old stock that I bought from the supermarket. Well I’ll just finish it up before buying more. This time I will take note of the manufacturing date. If I remember correctly the first box that I purchased was green when brewed.

Let’s have a cup now!