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Ana Ivanovic Retires out of Wimbledon 2009
Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic

She was playing badly that it was hard to believe. It seems that she has a injury hampering her performance against Serena Williams the defending champion. Sadly dissappointed, she cried on her way out of court.


Safe Effective Diet Pills or Just Exercise

futsal-1Just did my commit of a daily exercise. Jogging was tough but I think I managed close to 10mins after which had a game of futsal!!! All in all was out there sweating it out for 45mins. Time passes when you are in a game that you love.

Tough as it maybe but I went out of the house with whispers from the old devil that wants us to be lazy and enjoy some cable on the couch. Made it out and came back motivated and ready for another round tomorrow. I did some stations after futsal and I was trying out the basic exercises that I found on the site I am still looking into.


I managed two sets of sit ups, push ups and chair push up before my muscles started complaining. Being it my first day out I decided not to push it in fear of muscle aches the next day. Futhermore I will be having football tomorrow as well.

So while walking back home I was wondering if I can keep this up or just take the safe effective diet pills to enhanced the weight loss. There is always the fear of the bad affects of diet pills but some diet pills claim to be natural diet pills with no harmful effects. It would be great to speed up the weight loss. One diet pill that I am considering is Proactol. Seem to be a safe effective diet pill after reading up on how it works.


It seem to be a safe bet but I will hold out for a few months. If I can maintain my daily routine of a basic work out I will consider it to boost the weight loss.

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