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February 9, 2011, 10:29 pm
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Well I have been busy of late and things have gone downhill in the exercise department. My weight is ahem….increasing!! what now? Well I only have myself to blame as I have not gone out of the house for a walk since a few months back. Well honestly since one year ago come March. Well it is time to plan again

Weight:101kg !!


Bring on the change!

What happenned to Boston Celtics? I thought that they were going to meet Lakers in the NBA finals. In my opinion Orlando Magic did not have the ‘finals’ experience to beat a much more mature Lakers team lead by Mr. Byrant. Final MVP as well, Byrant have come a long way from rape charges and falling out with Shaq. Great to see that he has got round the corner. Congratulations Lakers!

So with the Lakers win I will make one of those new year resolutions. I know it is mid 2009 but I do not see any set rules on resolutions. I commit to exercise everyday starting today. I think everyone makes life changing decisions and we should too if we want to be in better physical health.


For those finding it hard to commit to better health read the article above and find out what you should do and where to start.

One tip I find that I myself would like to follow as well is having an early dinner daily. The most dangerous time for dieters is in the evening. Consuming most calories at night and being overweight often go hand in hand.  So how do we break they cycle? Learn to control your appetite. Not eating for hours during the day or cutting down on food during the day can leave a wolf of an appetite towards the evening.  To stop this, avoid the temptation to skip meals Always have a good breakfast and eat lunch on time. Late lunches will push back your dinner time in the end.